Monday, December 14, 2009

Just What Does "Harm" Mean

When we are given the knowledge of our power, we are also given the responsibility to use it wisely. This includes the choice of what is harmful and what is not . To see the harm in something, we must look deeper than what is laying on the surface. It may seem manipulative and harmful at first but when we look deeper, the true harm may come from doing nothing. Sometimes the person needing the help is unable to make a clear decision for themselves. If they are in a controlling, abusive relationship, the abuser usually has the upper hand and the person being abused can see no way out so endures the pain inflicted on them.
The same for someone with an addiction. The drug or alcohol has taken control of that person and they are unable to break free from it’s grip. In this case, they need someone to help them find a way to break the hold on their life and throw off their addiction.

I don’t mean we should cast a spell to actually release them from their abusers or addictions, but one to help them find their own way out. Something that takes our Power and uses it to awaken their Power to help give them back their lives.

Magic is not be a cure all. It should be used not to “give” us what we want, but to help us find a way to “achieve” what we want. I believe by giving someone else the Power to heal themselves or achieve their own goals, we are truly doing the work of our beloved Goddess and God and this cannot be considered manipulative or interfering.
I am not changing anything for them, I am simply showing them the way to change it themselves and then stepping back so they can make their own choices.

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