Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Draw a picture or a symbol of the item on a leaf with the end of a burnt stick, a matchstick
will work. 
Tie the leaf around a tree with a vine, then walk around the base of tree
nine times, repeating:

"Ancient One of the Ancient Earth
Older than time can tell
Grant me the power at your command
To work my magic spell".

The leaf may stay up or it may not, it doesn't matter, the item is on its way to you!

My New Hat


I used the pattern from this blog to make my new hat.  Not exactly like her's but not bad none the less.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bay Leaf Magic

Here is a great tip, this method goes back centuries.
Bay leaves are said to have very magical properties.
Write a wish on a Bay leaf then burn it.
Bury the ashes in the earth to make your wish come true.

From: Witchywords.blogspot.com.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

From Science Codex

As colorectal cancer gets more aggressive, treatment with grape seed extract is even more effective                                     

When the going gets tough, grape seed extract gets going: A University of Colorado Cancer Center study recently published in the journal Cancer Letters shows that the more advanced are colorectal cancer cells, the more GSE inhibits their growth and survival. On the other end of the disease spectrum, GSE leaves healthy cells alone entirely.
"We've known for quite a while that the bioactive compounds in grape seed extract selectively target many types of cancer cells. This study shows that many of the same mutations that allow colorectal cancer cells to metastasize and survive traditional therapies make them especially sensitive to treatment with GSE," says Molly Derry, doctoral candidate in the lab of Rajesh Agarwal, PhD, investigator at the CU Cancer Center and professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Derry notes this is an especially important finding in light of increasing colorectal cancer rates (due in part to increasingly high-fat diets and sedentary lifestyles) and a low screening rate; that means 60 percent of patients diagnosed have already reached the advanced stage of the disease.
"Finding a way to selectively target advanced colorectal cancer cells could have major clinical importance," Derry says.
The group performed their experiments on colorectal cancer cell lines representing various stages of the disease. Whereas it generally takes much more chemotherapy to kill a stage IV cancer cell than a stage II cancer cell, Derry saw that the reverse was true with grape seed extract.
"It required less than half the concentration of GSE to suppress cell growth and kill 50 percent of stage IV cells than it did to achieve similar results in the stage II cells," Derry says.
The group also discovered a likely mechanism of GSE's preferential targeting of advanced colorectal cancer cells: when cancer cells were treated with antioxidants the GSE induced cell death was reversed and so Derry and colleagues consider it likely that GSE targets colorectal cancer through inducing oxidative stress that leads to the programmed cell death known as apoptosis.
"A colorectal cancer cell can have upwards of 11,000 genetic mutations – differences from the DNA in healthy cells. Traditional chemotherapies may only target a specific mutation and as cancer progresses more mutations occur. These changes can result in cancer that is resistance to chemotherapy. In contrast, the many bioactive compounds of GSE are able to target multiple mutations. The more mutations a cancer presents, the more effective GSE is in targeting them," Derry says.
The Agarwal Lab continues its preclinical work studying the effectiveness and action of dietary compounds against cancer and encourages further exploration of their findings in clinical settings.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Natural weed killer 
(made with basic items in your kitchen) :)

spray bottle (I had a 34 ounce one I purchased at the $ store a while ago)
Pickling vinegar (It works better than regular vinegar because the acetic acid % is higher)
Salt (1/2 cup for my size bottle)
Dish soap (a squeeze)

Fill a spray bottle almost full with Pickling vinegar. Since my spray bottle wasn't huge, I added only 1/2 cups of salt. If you spray bottle is big, add more salt. Squirt in a dash of dish soap into the bottle. Close the bottle tight and shake, shake, shake. You are done!!!

Go outside on a bright sunny day and spray those weeds. I found the sun sped up the process so try to pick a good day to do it. Remember though, this will also kill your grass and plants too. So don't get trigger happy like me and kill other things around the garden 
Taken from  

Monday, January 14, 2013

~ Spell For World Peace ~

You'll need: 

White candle
Some dirt or small stones

Fill a small dish with some dirt or stones 
Carve a peace symbol into the candle and place it on top of the dirt.

Relax and focus on the energy of peace.
With your hands cupped, place them near the candle and visualize a very bright white light coming down from above, entering the crown of your head, going down to your heart, through your arms, out your hands, and into the candle. 
Light the candle, close your eyes, and see this white light of peace spread to the hearts of all people. 
See all humans everywhere filled with love and existing harmoniously with one another. 
Believe that this is our future! 
 Leave the candle burning for an hour or two (but never leave it unattended!).

I plan on burning the candle for an hour or two every day and visualizing that white light of peace spreading over the Earth and into every person's heart. Let your light shine!

** This spell comes from a wonderful blog called "I Heart the Goddess".