Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Natural weed killer 
(made with basic items in your kitchen) :)

spray bottle (I had a 34 ounce one I purchased at the $ store a while ago)
Pickling vinegar (It works better than regular vinegar because the acetic acid % is higher)
Salt (1/2 cup for my size bottle)
Dish soap (a squeeze)

Fill a spray bottle almost full with Pickling vinegar. Since my spray bottle wasn't huge, I added only 1/2 cups of salt. If you spray bottle is big, add more salt. Squirt in a dash of dish soap into the bottle. Close the bottle tight and shake, shake, shake. You are done!!!

Go outside on a bright sunny day and spray those weeds. I found the sun sped up the process so try to pick a good day to do it. Remember though, this will also kill your grass and plants too. So don't get trigger happy like me and kill other things around the garden 
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  1. Will have to try this remedy, with Cats and G-Kids I hate using chemicals. And this would be more economical too!

    Also from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian