Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whatever 'Color' You May Be...

~Written by the wife of an Arizona/Mexico border rancher~.

I don't believe there is any other way to approach this issue--- whatever 'color' you may be...
Mine -Hubby was 1/4 Mexican.. My (son, daughter as most all of you know) who were 1/8 Mexican both have Mexican spouses. My grands all married or 'significant othered' with Mexicans. My 7 great grands are mostly 'brown' cep'n we have a mulatto 'throwback' or two. Me--- I think that's absolutely grand. Most of them (to the observing eye) are obviously Mexican. Point being-- they are ALL United States of America citizens.. If they get stopped for a traffic violation and/or any other violation and they are asked for their driver's license... To ME-- That be a G O O D T H I N G!!! If I get stopped and don't have a driver's license. Then I should have to prove my citizenship by whatever means. This goes for blacks, yellows, E.Indian, American Indian, and every other race or nationality you can think of........................................
This mess of folks strolling over our Arizona border has been going on too long. Statistics (news media) say-- 82% of all illegals in ALL of the United States have crossed at the Arizona border. I don't doubt it - tho they now live in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Idaho and every other of our 50.
If this Arizona 'avenue' had not been open for so many DECADES there would NOT have been so many illegal Mexicans. No disrespect to all of us who are U.S. citizens. I'm very proud of my country. No matter what color I 'be'--- I'd be PROUD to prove (for whatever reason) I BELONG here. That's the AMERICAN way... Racial profiling is probably not 'cool' --- what other way might there be??? --- We ALL racial profile almost every day. Identify YOUR thoughts when you see anyone of a definitive race... When you do see a person of another color - an identifying way of dressing - even as simple as a pair of 'dueling banjos' suspendered overhauls or as simple as a cowboy hat-- STOP yourself right then---What is REALLY in your mind? - are you making up a 'story' for that person? In actuality -- YOU are profiling---- be it racial / typecasting/ categorizing. It harms NO ONE. Is there a legitimate reason for it? (in your mind-- no!) Would it harm those of Hispanic/Mexican nationality -- If they are legal - I say no - If they are illegal - they can be apprehended and guided back to "from where they came'; to ways to get papers; to the multitude of avenues that may be available. That, of course, would be on an 'individual' basis as stories unfold.
The video I'm sending indicates there are many E.Indians now coming through So. America and up thru the 500 miles of OPEN border. - No telling what other races, nationalities, etc. -- Lets try to stop it all. Let us not focus on ONE group. Let us get a barrier in place the whole 500 miles - what a load off if you can stop even just one-half the number who are entering illegally.
Face it-- MOST illegal entries now are by Mexicans. Law enforcement, therefore must look for illegal Hispanic/ Mexican folks --those who have to enroll in ESL and speak only Spanish/ who get food stamps / those who can use our medicals for free. Some of the illegals are hidden and protected by US --- They make good workers, housekeepers, baby-sitters; farm hands; gardeners; contract workers and on and on.
Remember--they are NOW also really good at running drugs. Times have changed -
This DRUG CARTEL thing is only 40 miles from my ranch. I'm on a back DIRT road that is a main 'artery' from Mexico. That e-mail picture of the 'garbage filled wash' is in MY BACK YARD! (so to speak) - --- That rancher that was killed only lives 50/60 miles from me-also out in the country.
My last job in Human Resources for BHP for three years before my retirement was as Manager/Developer of our Employee Assistance Program. Working in that field 'oped' my ojos MUCHO. I gained so much awareness regarding the 'awful' nature of man/woman that is manifested and magnified by the use of drugs. Folks rob, steal, maim and murder for the stuff.
They (the news media) say that ILLEGALS entering the U.S. border now are primarily runners' more than anything else. That's their 'new employment'. Methinks - perhaps this situation may already be 'beyond repair' - but America and we citizens HAVE to start somewhere....
In light of the facts --- I will support any idea that comes -- Where would any of you suggest we USofA citizens start--- if what is being attempted is not your 'cup of tea' - what would you do? The floor is OPEN to suggestions.. What we are doing / have done/ or have NOT done -- AIN'T working.
I'd welcome a challenge of my citizenship - I'm proud to be a citizen and would not hesitate to be asked to PROVE it. How 'bout you?

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