Sunday, September 21, 2014

Damn "Politically Correct"

 Damn...I'm going back to bed. Before I've gotten my first cup of coffee down I've been blasted with a "politically correct Popeye", (no pipe or tattoo), some woman who rewrote Harry Potter to fit her Christian ideals, Thor is now a woman, and Wonder Woman has been reduced to the side kick of Batman and Superman in a pantsuit. What the hell is wrong with this world. Why is everyone trying to shove their ideas on the rest of us by trying to change what we have known all our lives? What makes you think your beliefs and ideas are any more important than mine? I live my religion and beliefs, they are mine and make me who I am. If you don't agree with me that's fine. I don't want you to change the way you think or live, so please don't try to change mine.
I'm so tired of "Politically Correct" I could puke. A tattoo and corn cob pipe doesn't make Popeye an evil demon who will turn your kids into monsters, in fact in my opinion you are the ones doing that by making them think the whole world should bend to their will just because they think they are more important than the rest of the world.
If you don't like the book Harry Potter and don't want your kids reading it, keep it away from them. Write your own book, don't take something that already exists and rewrite it to fit your own beliefs. This just shows your lack of imagination and intelligence.
Changing Thor into a woman does not change the fact that He is a God, maybe not your God, but a God to many people who still follow the Norse spiritual path and no less important to them than your God is to you.
And last but not least Wonder Woman. She was one of my childhood heroines, a strong independent woman young girls could look up to and who represented the kind of woman they could all aspire to be. By taking her out of her role as the champion every young girl could look up to you're telling them that all they can hope for is to be the subordinate of some muscle bound, egotistical man. Not something I want my daughters and grand daughters to believe.
Today is the day to Unify for World Peace. Take your first step toward accomplishing Global peace by letting go of you own self righteous  prejudices and allow people to live their own lives and walk their own paths peacefully.

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