Tuesday, November 16, 2010


This is Sammie. My new moving disaster.

She has already broken two of my ornamental jars, one that held my grand daughters feather collection and one with my bath powder in it, the tablecloth has been found on the floor more times than I can count and my alter candles have been knocked over on a regular basis. And all this in just 4 days. *sigh* She is not the brightest kitty I have ever owned either so teaching her the ropes is not going to be easy. On the other hand she is just so cute and cuddly that I can't help but love her.

My older kitten Kali is not as fond of her as I am though, and I have had to break up a few fights.

But maybe the war has ended or at least slowed down, because this morning I caught Kali giving her a good washing. Sammie now has one of the cleanest ears on the planet.
And come nap time, it's nicer to have a bed partner than to sleep alone.

Getting acquainted with and learning about a new animal is not always easy, but I have found that patience and staying constant in my discipline eventually pays off. I can tell Sammie is going to try my patience for some time to come, but we'll work it out and soon will be the best of friends.

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  1. Oh my gosh your cat Sammie looks so much like my Zelda. Zelda has light green eyes. And she has the vibrant mixed colors of black, yellow, white, orange and sable brown. Zelda also has the little half black patch between her nose and chin. One person said "he looks like a little frenchie that lost the other half of his mustache" I said but the cat's not a he, it's a she.