Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mama's New Mexico Enchilada's

My mother grew up in Hurley, New Mexico at a time when segregation was in full swing.  The town was divided according to race, whites living on one side and Mexican's on the other.  When my mama was small she fell in love with the corn and chili dishes of the Mexican people. Her mother, being from Oklahoma, had no idea how fix them, so Mama took to sneaking off to the Mexican side town and begging the old women there to teach her how to make the different dishes. She learned well, tamales, posoli, menudo... and this is how they taught her to make enchilada's, modified of course because of our modern health issues.

1 carton Baca's frozen red chili (It's better to render your own, but I'm lazy and Baca's is the next best thing)'
2 Tbs. Olive oil (lard is better, but it's one of those things we aren't allowed to eat
2 Heaping spoonfuls masa flour (by spoonfuls I mean soup spoons from dinnerware set.)
2 Cups of water, adding enough to keep sauce from getting too thick as it cooks. Should be the consistancy of gravy.
Garlic powder and salt to taste.

1 Onion chopped fine.
Extra sharp cheddar cheese, grated (I don't know how much, use an amount that suits you. For three of us I use 1 8oz package plus 1/3 of another).
Table corn tortillas. (I use Guerreo if I don't make my own).
2 Cups of cooking oil.

Melt frozen chili over low heat with olive oil, stirring occasionaly.
After chili is melted, increase heat to medium high, dissolve masa flour in water, then slowly add to chili and oil, stirring constantly until it begins to thicken. Season to taste.  
Turn heat down to medium low and let simmer for 30 min., stirring occasionaly so it doesn't burn.

When chili is ready, heat cooking oil.
Dip tortilla in hot oil until soft, then into chili sauce and put on plate. Sprinkle liberally with cheese and onion. Stacking until as many tortillas as each person wants are on their plate.  Top off with 1 or 2 fried eggs, and pour chili over all.
Serve with frijoles or refried beans.

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