Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chetan Lutah ~ Red-tailed Hawk

I had the most wonderful walk today. First of all the weather is beautiful, cool enough for a light jacket, but the sun was warm and felt wonderful on my skin. Then the last half mile I looked up in time to see, not one, not two, but three red tailed hawks gliding over head. I watched them until they circled out of sight then the last quarter mile one of them came back and started hunting the thicket next to the road I was on. She swooped and soared and was so beautiful. At one point she flew so close over my head I felt I could almost reach up and touch her. What beautiful birds they are and I feel so privileged to have been an audience to their beautiful sky dance. 
Here is one of my favorite songs, and guessed it, I had it playing on my mp3 player as I watched their beautiful ballet. Arvel has really captured their grace in this song, their flight was in perfect time with the music.
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  1. The red tail is everywhere here in Oklahoma... I love to watch them soar... A majestic bird