Monday, October 15, 2012

The Way Home

Today is my anniversary. Six years ago today, I began the most wonderful journey of my life. The journey that brought me home.
It was a Sunday and my number 4 daughter was getting ready for her trip home after spending the weekend with us. We were discussing my 19 year old grand daughter moving back to Arizona with her boyfriend. As we talked it came up that Brad was a Wiccan. Well having grown up in the Christian world that immediately set the red flag to waving so as soon as my daughter left I sat down at my computer and typed "Wicca" into google and hit search. That was about 7:00 in the evening and at 1:00 am I had to make myself turn off the computer and go to bed because I had to be back up at 4:00 am to start our morning chores.
What I learned that night amazed me. For the first time in all of my 63 years, I knew who I was and were I belonged. Although the relationship between my grand daughter and Brad didn't last, he will always have 
a special place in my heart, for if not for him I would still be looking for that one thing that would make my world right and give me peace. 
Since then there have been very few days I have not read about, or studied this beautiful path I now walk, and not one day passes that I don't think about the Goddess and what Her blessings mean to me. My path has taken me around the world through the people I have met. It has changed me from a bitter, unhappy old woman into someone who sees the world through different eyes and taught me how to love unconditionally. It was a life changing experience and I thank the Goddess every day for not giving up on me and finally finding a way to get through my thick, hard head to show me what I have been missing all my life. Thank you my Lady, for showing me the way home.

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